This album contains random photgraphs from people I meet on this planet.

Men at work

This album I started last year 2013 as another long term series. Here I am collecting images from people doing their work in the public.


Random photgraphs I regularly take when out and about...


This is my youngest project. I recently started collecting images from structures around us most of the people ignore or even don't see.


Life is colorful. And although my main work ist black and white I occasionally use to take images in color that find their place here. My aim working with colors - reduce it the max.


As weddings are the best events in live where people are the most happy and grateful. This is the reason why I love to take photgraph at that time. If you want to hire me, just drop me line.


Another new starter from me. This probably is the hardest, finding streetart that is worth to be captured and shown here. I started with my work one month ago, in April 2014.


Reflections often showing things that are not what they seem to be. The illusion it creates is not in the image it is in your mind. The observer can work his imagination.

City Colors

This series is planned as a long term Series over years to collect images from certain viewpoints and angles of my city where I live that I love and work for. One also could name it architecture of my hometown in color. The starter of my long term photo series "City Colors" I began early 2007.